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We enable buyers to request, capture, analyse, store and use supplier documents to deliver "proof of source" and "proof of claim" - paperwork required by law-makers and regulators to show that goods are not made by forced labor and to support ESG / sustainability claims made to consumers.

As regulations and laws continue to tighten, it becomes really important to know who made your products, where the materials have come from, and to collect the evidence that you ensure your claims are backed up.

"Proof of source" is the evidence that you need to show that the goods you are importing and selling are not the product of forced labour or human slavery. This is about the origin of raw materials as well as the manufacturing facilities themsevles and require documents going all the way through the supply chain to its origin.

"Proof of claim" is the evidence that you need if you want to make claims about the products that you sell - particularly if claims involve ESG, sustainability, or potential end of life handling / recycling potential. In most countries, this cannot be self-certified and regulators / law-makers require evidence to be located, stored and available to support the claims that you may make at product-level.

PrimaESG is the simplest way to ask for the documents that you need and ensure that suppliers provide them. First, we take a download of open purchase orders from you which we match against your suppliers. In each purchase order, you specify which pack of documents is required (many standard document packs can be defined). For example, a product made of organic cotton might specify: (a) inbound delivery note for the cotton material showing the supplier (b) the supplier credentials to evidence organic capability and (c) the certificate of inspection showing that the sourced cotton is certified to be organic. These three documents would be a document pack.

Since shipments typically include many purchase orders, and many documents in document packs may apply to many purchase orders that are in the shipment, our platform sorts this out so that documents are uploaded once by suppliers and mapped onto the document packs requested at purchase order level. Working back the other way from the buyer's point of view, we can then take each purchase order and provide the source documents uploaded for it.

And , of course, it is one platform - coordinating and organising 100s or 1000s of suppliers and 1000s of shipments each month as required - each with its own unique sets of documents, which have be to requested, uploaded, stored, analysed and organised so that the paperwork is neatly available on demand of the authorities.

Our platform has six components

Different parts of our platform cover different elements of the documents and cash process flowing through supply chains.

PrimaESG links through to other components that can be used to achieve an automated, straight-through process on paperwork, approvals and payments.

Most clients realise savings of  up to 1% or more on the costs of goods that they purchase - simply by making documents and cash flow more efficiently through their supply chains.

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