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Buyers use our document rules engine to define which documents are expected to be provided by suppliers when they ship on FOB terms (or similar or deliver if on landed terms. This allows large numbers of suppliers to be managed easily, whilst retaining the ability to specify a unique document package for a particular supplier if required.

When a supplier ships or delivers, as the case may be, they upload their commerical invoice(s), shipping documents and other documents to our platform.

During each upload process, the document concerned is digitised using an OCR and machine-learning system. The resulting data is also corrected during the upload process so that an accurate and structured result is received.

Our automated document analysis system then compares key fields across the documents to assess the quality of the documents provided and to look for discrepancies - this analysis being immediately available to suppliers as well as buyers so that potential issues with documents can be identified quickly.

Our platform has six components

Different parts of our platform cover different elements of the documents and cash process flowing through supply chains.

PrimaShip links through to other components that can be used to achieve an automated, straight-through process on paperwork, approvals and payments.

Most clients realise savings of  up to 1% or more on the costs of goods that they purchase - simply by making documents and cash flow more efficiently through their supply chains.

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