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See your supply chain

Save 1%+ on spend*

Your whole supply chain, enterprise-level, 100% digital, in one dashboard.

Optimise working capital management, FX hedging and sourcing strategies.

Extend and automate supply chain finance programs, both new and existing facilities. 

Meet new ESG laws and regulations, collect the documents you need for each product.

Multi-award winning December 2023: click here to see more.

* Available to companies of all sizes


Who uses our platform?

Corporate teams that want to:

  • have 100% digital supply chain visibility, enterprise-wide

  • manage supplier payments efficiently, saving 1%+ on spend

  • deliver automated supply chain finance at shipment

  • verify ESG compliance (product-level, whole supply chain)

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Digitizing trade - it is easier than you think!

Each time suppliers ship, they upload and self-digitize their paperwork on our secure portal. That's everything: transport documents, packing lists, invoices, purchase orders, certificates, bills of materials, supply chain maps, inspection reports etc

This provides amazing, structured and rich transaction data across the whole enterprise to drive forecasting, planning, automated payment approvals, and ESG compliance - both inland and cross-border, both services and products.

Go live without an initial IT project.


Simply introduce your suppliers to us, we switch them on, data flows, savings can be generated.

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Why digitize your enterprise supply chain?



See everything across all carriers, forwarders, geographies, products, ERPs, brands, categories and suppliers. Manage FX risks, cash flows, sourcing, forecasting and logistics from the top down rather than the bottom up.

Offer early payment at shipment to all your suppliers  and save an additional 1%+ on spend. If you already have an SCF program, keep your existing funders and their platform, we can enhance your program without changing any of these.

Meet new ESG regulations, track the credentials of products and services that you source; collect and evidence ESG characteristics at product or SKU level.

Our clients include:

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Meet the Team


Kris Van Broekhoven


  • LinkedIn

Kris was formerly Global Head of Commodies at Citibank and was CFO at Komgo.

Kris brings product knowledge, leadership, network, and presence to PrimaTrade, especially amongst the trade finance and banking communities, natural funding partners for our platform.


Tim Nicolle

Founder and CPO

  • LinkedIn

Tim founded Demica and has held senior roles at Deutsche Bank and Unicredit in London and was a partner in PwC. 


Tim brings detailed business knowledge, organizational skills and experience. He founded PrimaTrade and is the lead creative force behind the company’s products.


Nigel Davies


  • LinkedIn

Nigel has held senior roles with Demica followed by BCS and First Data.


Nigel has extensive experience in agile software development and building high performance data-driven platforms in banking and corporate environments. Nigel leads our technology teams.

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Eric Riddle


  • LinkedIn

Based in the US, Eric has led business development at companies like Prime Revenue, Kyriba, and Edenred Pay, enabling them to build their significant client operations.

Eric brings detailed knowledge of client needs to Prima and  he leads our client-facing teams around the world.

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