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Save on landed costs

Our technology platform enables mid-sized and larger corporates to manage cash flow to their suppliers, leading to significant savings of up to 1% or more on the cost of goods supplied. 


Our payables automation and supplier finance platform can pay for itself from the first day.


Our listed European clients are handling 1000s of shipments and saving $millions via more efficient deployment of working capital. A proven, different and powerful approach to payables management and financing supplier payments.​

​And you can pilot our platform without an IT project, without any continuing commitment and without any upfront investment. Just add suppliers and go.

Prima componens

Our platform has six components.

The platform

Technology is at the heart of our business.


Software, legal, regulatory and banking components are brought together to deliver a next generation account payables and supply chain financing solution. It is not simply better than existing platforms - we are transforming how large organisations think about their supply chains. 

Approve invoices automatically at shipment using our unique 3-way match technology against trade documents. Suppliers can be paid safely at shipment using our unique 2-payment system, delivering the optimum cash flow through your supply chain to generate immediate savings.

Already handling 1000s of shipments for leading European retailers across suppliers in global supply chains.

221109 PrimaTrade functions.jpg

Support your suppliers

Working capital is a major issue for buyers and suppliers alike and most supply chains are poorly supported by systems and processes. This leaves buyers without real-time data and suppliers waiting for payments.

Imagine a platform where suppliers ship on Monday, upload shipping, trade, ESG, and compliance documents on Tuesday and get paid on Wednesday - before goods arrive and before handing over control. This is what we deliver - with OCR/AI integration that delivers a high level of automation through our 3-way match system.

Since data flows in from suppliers in real-time with minimum effort or resource from the buyer, pilots can be set up without upfront investment or IT involvement.

All the benefits of trade finance
and documentary collection

All the simplicity and efficiency of
supply chain finance

221108 SCF 2 from trade finance and SCF 1.jpg

ESG is built in


Our sister business, ES3G, provides scientific and authentic measures of worker conditions in supply chains - which can be linked natively to supplier finance costs in order to drive change.

We support document capture at product level on each shipment (defined by PO) allowing corporates to demand, receive and organise the paperwork needed to evidence ESG and sustainability claims on products. This is a native capability of our platform - available at scale for global supply chains in all industries.


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Find out more about how to use technology to make your supply chains more efficient, stronger and how to generate immediate savings optimise your working capital position.

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