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About us

We are a dynamic and experienced team with decades of banking, technology, accounts payable, finance, sustainability, and trade payable / trade finance experience.


We digitise trade to deliver "cash against data". Our mission is to change how suppliers are paid. Working with major international banking groups and some of the largest businesses in the world - we have designed our platform around our new product "cash against data" enabling a new form of AP automation and an amazing supply chain finance platform, built from the ground up.

With over $1bn in flows already processed across clients in 40 countries, our SCF platform is proven and scaling quickly - saving $ millions for corporate buyers whilst getting their suppliers paid at shipment, and going live without an IT project.

Prima componens

Our platform supports six efficient, digital steps in the journey from shipment to payment.

Platform narrative

The six steps fit together

240305 Component flow 1_edited.jpg

Our SCF platform is a networked environment connecting suppliers, buyers, financiers together to handle shipping documents, invoice approvals, ESG compliance and payments, enabling suppliers to be paid instantaly at shipment on the basis of "cash against data".

Ship enables suppliers to be asked for a list of required documents each time they ship or deliver goods. The list is dynamically and automatically generated based on rules set by the buyer in the platform. Against this list, suppliers upload and digitise their documents which are automatically assessed for both buyer and supplier.

Using E
SG, this list of required documents can be expanded to include "proof of source" and "proof of claim" documents that are needed to prove to customs and regulators that goods being imported and sold have the right credentials.

Match and Approve are typically used together, sitting on top of PrimaShip. These are analytical engines which enable suppliers to match purchase orders they hold against shipping documents - leading to an automated approval of invoices for payment at shipment. These components replicate the functionality of leading and expensive "procure-to-pay" ERP systems without significant costs and with almost zero implementation effort.

EarlyPay and SCF are components which push cash through the supply chain in advance of invoice due dates - typically at shipment. PrimaEarlyPay uses the buyer's own liquidity to pay suppliers early, and it can be combined with a funded solution using PrimaSCF - so that savings for the buyer are maximised.


Extend and automate existing SCF programs

Extend and automate


- make existing programs bigger

- pay suppliers earlier (at shipments)

- reach all your suppliers (long tail)

- automate your early approval processes


- Use Prima to approve early payments

- We send the approved payables file to the funder

- No changes needed to the funder's platform and the funding documents

What's involved?

- Minimal investment or upfront costs

- No IT project unless PO matching is needed

- Just switch suppliers on and data flows

- And we can save you, typically, 1% additionally on your spend

Early payment brings savings


- save up to 1% or more on landed costs

- increase flexibilty of your supply chain

- improve the strength of your suppliers


- Just enable this function in the platform

- Invoices approved (in full / in part) at shipment

- Early payments flow for a discount

- Risk is managed via the partial approval model

What's involved?

- Zero investment or upfront costs

- No IT project unless PO matching is needed

- Just switch suppliers on and data flows


Switch on
early payment


Add supply chain

Add SCF to expand benefits


- use finance to lengthen payment terms

- trade payable accounting treatment

- increase the savings

- multiple funders and mix in with own funds


- Bring in one or more funders (we can introduce)

- Expand the program beyond your own liquidity

- Platform manages all processes and payments

What's involved?

- Plug in RCF or trade lines from funders

- Funders do not have to on-board the platform

- Funders do not have to on-board suppliers

- No geographical or supplier eligibility criteria


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We are adding new buyers, importers, suppliers, exporters to our network every month - delivering real savings to all participants in global supply chains.

Go beyond the limitations of your existing supply chain finance programs and deliver invoice approvals at shipment to realise substantial savings on landed costs.

Find out more.

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