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PrimaTrade collects The Working Capital Forum award

The Working Capital Forum award
PrimaTrade team collecting the award (Kris Van Broekhoven and Tim Nicolle)

Congratulations to Boohoo Group PLC, winner of the Best Use of Technology for a Working Capital Project, 2023 - and thanks to The Working Capital Forum for their support and recognition.

What did The Working Capital Forum judges say?

As the judges recognised, Boohoo has rolled out an enterprise-level, working capital program to 100% of its international suppliers driven by supplier data rather than ERP data, ramping to 400+ suppliers in 10 weeks across 21 countries.

Supplier data is the future of supply chain finance and working capital management. It enables early payments to be truly early and delivers high levels of automation via purchase order matching and digitisation. It allows working capital programs to operate at the enterprise-level irrespective of the ERP landscape and the number of brands, subsidiaries, procurement teams, logistics providers, legal entities and geographies.

Success is down to teamwork!

Thanks and congratulations to Miles Rothbury, Helen Seaton, Tom Binns, Steve Lannon, Adele Baybutt, Ian Morris, Grahame Aspinall, Amy Edmonstone and many more people on the Boohoo and PLT teams (apologies to all those left out of the list). A great achievement! And huge thanks to the organisers Adaugeo Media, Mike Hewitt, Diana Henderson, and Kathryn Scott and the independent judging panel. It was a really good event bringing together the best of the industry.


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