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Supplier data

Supplier data - supply chain visibility
Supplier data powers supply chain visibility

Most enterprises do not have a transaction-level view of their supply chain activity, easily-maintained and available in real time.

That's because most companies are complicated with multiple forwarders, carriers, geographies, subsidiaries, products, suppliers, accounting systems and procurement teams.

Molecules and atoms

If the enterprise was a "molecule" - building it up from all these different "atoms" is a difficult job.

There are a lot of different sources (ie: atoms) to coordinate - especially as systems and service providers are always changing.

But there is an easy solution - ignore the "atoms" and get the "molecule" directly from suppliers.

Yes - supplier data is the answer

Suppliers actually have all the information that we want.

So what's needed is a simple, practical and timely way to collect supplier data.

PrimaTrade has developed exactly this platform.

Supplier data: it's simple

The idea is so simple:

  • Each time goods or services are provided by a supplier, the supplier logs into the Prima platform.

  • The supplier uploads all the paperwork involved - transport documents, invoices, inspection reports, packing lists, ESG reports etc.

  • And the magic is the quick and easy way that suppliers can "self-digitise" their paperwork on the Prima platform - converting paperwork accurately into data without a lot of effort. This is all done on the suppliers' desk - so there is nothing for the buyer to do.

And there it is - the molecule arrives built up from the paperwork that the suppliers already have.

One minute video

This short video (also on our home page at explains how valuable supplier data can be - and the simplicity of the concept involved.

What next?

Our implementations can deliver positive returns from day one (ie: savings exceed costs from the start).

Moreover, it is quite feasible to try out our platform without an IT project:

  • Select some suppliers (eg: up to 100).

  • We set them up on the platform.

  • They upload and self-digitise paperwork.

  • Discounts, cash flow and savings can start.

Use this link to book a time for a quick chat: click here.


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