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PrimaTrade provides technology that makes supply chains work better and delivers cash savings to buyers on the cost of goods and services.

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There are three things to know about us:

1) We deliver 100% digital trade.

That's across enterprises regardless of the numbers of geographies, suppliers, forwarders, carriers, ERPs, procurement teams, products or services involved.

We do that by enabling suppliers to self-digitise all required documents as goods/services are supplied.

That includes transport documents (BL, AWB, CMR), packing lists, time sheets, inspection reports, commercial invoices, certificates etc. We also enable suppliers to self-match purchase orders so that paperwork is tied into the buyer's order system.

2) Savings on spend of 1%+.

We make working capital flow more efficiently through supply chains - whether goods or services.

We use the data on our platform automatically to approve invoices for early payment, enabling buyers to pay early or funders (on our platform or their own platforms) to provide finance to suppliers (ie: supply chain finance). Supplier discounts for quicker payments generate savings on spend directly on our platform, with existing clients centrally booking savings of more than 1% on spend.

Extend and automate supply chain finance programs - we democratise the provision of working capital to all suppliers across the enterprise, helping SME suppliers in emerging markets particularly to compete on equal terms.

3) ESG compliance at product level and enterprise scale

Our platform can request, collect, digitise, check and store documents needed at product level across the enterprise and at massive scale in order to substantiate the source of products and / or claims about them.

That includes bills of materials, sourcing maps, authentication certificates and in-bound receipts for purchased materials.

Decide what documents you need, we can sort out the rest (automatically at scale).


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