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Trade finance map

With many different trade finance products available, we have produced a simple trade finance map that puts the different options in context.

A good summary of trade finance products and the purpose of trade finance is available here.

If you would like a copy of the diagram in high resolution with permission to re-use, please email us at:

Trade finance map
Trade finance map

Our upgraded supply chain finance platform can replicate the functionality of trade finance products (like the letter of credit) - but at scale and with all the efficiency of traditional SCF.

For information about traditional trade finance products and how they work, see:

  • Letters of credit: here

  • Documentary collection: here

The benefits of using the PrimaTrade platform are set out here. These include:

  • Savings for buyers of up to 1% or more on landed costs.

  • Significant processing efficiencies for suppliers, all of whom can be eligible for early payment

  • 3-way match and AP Automation from shipment

  • Efficient like supply chain finance but with the scope and reach of traditional trade finance.


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