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GTR writes about PrimaTrade's platform

GTR's John Basquill interviewed Tim Nicolle (Chief Product Officer and founder of PrimaTrade).

This discussion focussed on the merger of supply chain finance and trade finance - and why the PrimaTrade platform will change how international suppliers are funded and paid globally.

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GTR is the leading commentator, event organiser and news site for trade finance globally covering all the major banks, funds and participants in the trade finance world. This is very important recognition of the PrimaTrade platform and the breakthrough that it represents.

The full article is here. GTR operates a paywall, but offers 4 articles per month for free. In summary, John covers:

  • Trade finance is simple, but the letter of credit (a core trade finance product) is complex.

  • The difference between supply chain finance (an invoice product) and the PrimaTrade platform which has similarities but includes many of the key features of letters of credit.

  • Why importers are interested in extending their supply chain finance programs to operate more like trade finance - and the cost savings available.

  • How compliance challenges are solved when dealing with suppliers in international and emerging markets.

  • Uptake on the platform (March 2021) - which has already processed approaching $500mio in flows.


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