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Boost intake margins by 1%+

Our retailer clients are achieving:

  • savings of 1%+ on stock purchases,

  • improvements to working capital,

  • upgrades to their visibility of inbound product and

  • operational efficiencies in finance teams.

And it's not hard to do using our "cash against data" technology and digitizing the financial supply chain.

Boost intake margin

One retailer on our platform is increasing by 10% the net profit of their entire enterprise by implementing "cash against data" for all their stock suppliers.

How do we boost intake margins by 1%+?

Our technology is simple to implement:

  • Stock suppliers are introduced to PrimaTrade and set up on our platform.

  • Every time a supplier hands over product, they self-digitize the paperwork involved (transport document, invoices, packing lists, inspection reports).

  • Under buyer control invoices can be approved automatically for early payment.

  • The payment to the supplier can also happen very fast - ship on Monday, self-digitize on Tuesday, cash on Wednesday.

  • Getting cash this fast to suppliers enables suppliers to reduce risk, save on credit insurance and save on their own funding costs.

This enables suppliers to agree big early payment discounts - which can substantially exceed the financing costs. This leads to immediate intake margin wins for the retailer.

The process is powered by supplier data and can go live without an initial project.

  • The entire process, including the discounts, is managed on our PrimaTrade platform.

  • The early payment can come from the buyer itself, the buyer's own bankers, or one/many financiers that we can introduce - so the retailer cash flow can be unchanged.

  • On top, the early payment capability allows retailers to manage payment terms with suppliers dynamically and improve their working capital.

Operational wins

Most of our clients provide us with a feed of open purchase orders and this allows us to get suppliers to "self-match" their purchase orders as they ship.

This leads to big operational wins for our clients because:

  • The finance team no longer has to scan invoices into the ERP and match invoices to purchase orders. The supplier has already provided the invoice as data and matched it to purchase orders.

  • One of our retailer clients has realised headcount reduction in finance teams of up to 40% as a result.

And our solutions for retailers are recognised internationally with awards - see for example here and here.

Start now, it's simple

In most retail organisations, we need to talk to the Treasurer and / or the CFO.

Testing out "cash against data" is very easy - because the technology can be tried out without an initial investment or IT project. Pick a few suppliers, we set them up, data flows, and you can see how it all works - with no commitment to continue. If it, in the end, is not for you, simply switch it off.

So far, no retailer that has tried cash against data has gone back - and every retailer who has piloted this technology has gone on to implement it across their enterprise.

There's no risk, no investment - move your financial supply chain onto a touchless early payment system using "cash against data" and generate significant savings on stock purchases, working capital wins and significant operational efficiencies.

Boost intake margins by 1% or more - book a call with us or see a demo here.


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